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Success in farming and ranching demands a SHARPER FOCUS on the business side of agriculture.

Key Benefits

Every producer has questions like, "What is my breakeven on corn?" Or, "How much can I afford for cash rent?" These and other financial questions can now be answered with Magnify.

Automated, Efficient Recordkeeping

  • Performs standard accounting functions like printing checks, reconciling bank statements and preparing financial statements.
  • Automates recordkeeping, including transaction reconciliations.
  • Maintains cash-based accounting records for efficient tax preparation. These same transactions can be allocated to different fields, crops or livestock to provide insight on cost of production.
  • Take pictures of your receipts to import for quick reconciliations.

Production Tracking and What-If Analysis

  • View cash flow and profitability at a detailed level – track inventories and operating expenses for each part of your operation.
  • Forecast future sales and value inventory.
  • Plan and forecast scenarios throughout the year to prepare for market shifts, or see how production challenges and successes affect your bottom line.

Planning and Forecasting

  • Delivers a comprehensive picture of anticipated cash flow and profitability to aid decision-making.
  • Develop a plan to help guide your operation for the upcoming production cycle.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Know how your operation is performing at any point in the season.
  • Instantly generate reports and key performance indicators that illustrate cost of production and financial statements, including income statements, cash flow and balance sheets.
  • Get a true financial snapshot of grain- and livestock-related inventories.

Multi-User Access

  • Trusted members of your farm team, such as your accountant and financial officer, can be allowed software access to view business performance, assess financial information and guide you through relevant insights.
  • Enhanced software security and customizable access settings for each user.

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What is Magnify?

Magnify can deliver the insights you want for the profit you need.

Allocation Tool and Product Warehouse

Tracking your input costs to a specific enterprise leads to confident farm management decisions.

Step up to the next level of farm and ranch management with Magnify.

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